The Secret of Old Fashioned Jesus Sandals From The 70’s

While old-fashioned Jesus sandals have their own following, they are also becoming popular as new-age brands copy the design or include them in their latest collections. The Jesus sandals or shoes are earthy, strappy old-fashioned sandals that have always been there but stayed under the radar most of the time. These sandals are quite basic in design and are usually worn for their durability and their comfort.

Where Did They Originate From?

The old Jesus sandals that displayed in Germany
The Sandals of Jesus displayed in Prüm Abbey in Germany, Source Wikipedia

The source of Jesus or biblical sandals is ancient. They are present in the art and paintings, which have been discovered, in archeological digs, dating from the Old Testament in the Levant, and were similar to the sandals worn in Egypt and Rome. The reminders of such sandals were also found at the Cave of Letters and Massana. These sandals were initially made from dry grass and non-processed leather and had ropes or strings which were made of cheap and simple materials. However, sometimes silver and gold beads, as well as gems, were added to these shoes to make them valuable and fancy.

In modern times, Jesus’ sandals are a symbol of Zionism. The initial Israeli settlers and the local-born Jews used to wear them because of their ancestors and to fit the climate. It was also due to the harsh and challenging economic situation of the Zionists before Israel came into being, which made these low-cost sandals ideal at that time. These were in contrast with what the city dwellers wore, who were more influenced by modern Europe. However, very soon the Jesus sandals also became popular with the city dwellers as well, because of their level of comfort and practicality, which was perfect for the climate. These sandals are still worn today by the members of Israel’s parliament, Knesset, when it is in session.

Jesus Sandals In Modern Times

There are many different varieties of Jesus sandals found everywhere around the world. They range from being high-end expensive, made from high-quality, handmade leather, to basic cheap quality ones. They are available for men, women, and children in different colors, styles, and designs. While the original design and concept remained the same, several variations have been made to the unique design. There are different colors also available, but brown is always the original color of the Jesus sandals.

In recent times, they have become popular not only because of being relaxed and comfortable to wear, especially during the summertime but also because they have become a fashion statement. It is no longer considered a “thing of the past,” but people actively choose and order these sandals for their daily wear.

Comfortable and Stylish Jesus Sandals

The old fashion Jesus sandals have a retro style, which was very popular back in the 1970s. This was the time for old-fashioned things, becoming a style statement and popular. This is when these sandals also became a hit with young people, men, and women. These are not just stylish but also very comfortable, and they can be dressed up and dressed down so that it can suit every occasion. Most of these sandals are equipped with a leather insole, which is able to mold itself to suit the shape of a person’s feet over time. Moreover, they generally have a rubber sole, which is an excellent idea for wearing outdoors in all kinds of situations.

Jesus Sandals Also Known As “Jandals”

While many people still associate jandals today with tropical or Hawaii fashion, many people consider the jandals to be associated with Japan, hence Japanese sandals, as well as Jesus sandals. These sandals are the same, both ways, and very popular in Japan as well as the rest of the world. The jandals are simply a name given to these sandals, which have been worn in different countries since ancient times, due to their simplicity. Today, they are still worn due to their comfort, especially in tropical places and by those who like to hang out at the beach or soak in the sun. There are many popular shoe brands, which are now producing jandals, which are very popular amongst men and women and are available in various colors and styles.

The popularity of Jesus Sandals

The old-fashioned Jesus sandals from the 1970s are not everyone’s cup of tea. Many people still consider them to be “ugly,” yet there is a large number of people who need to have a pair for their daily chores. These sandals have also become famous thanks to many celebrities being spotted wearing them, as they are out and about. Many of the editors of famous fashion magazines have also been seen wearing this old-school footwear.

Why Are Jesus Sandals Always In Fashion?

The Jesus sandals are also known as jandals, biblical shoes, or old-fashioned 1970s sandals. There are many names of these, and most countries have some version of these, which have been around for a long time. This makes many of us wonder why they are always so popular and never seem to go out of use or fashion. The reason for its popularity is:

  • These sandals never go out of style and fashion
  • They provide excellent support to the feet
  • The sandals are highly comfortable to walk around in
  • There are plenty of colors available in these shoes
  • They are also suitable for people who have wide feet as they have a no-slip built
  • The sandals are (usually) quite affordable
  • Men, women, and children can wear them
  • The shoes go with everything that you wear
  • They have a cultural, historical, and religious appeal
  • These sandals can be worn on a daily basis

Bottom Line

While there is a large variety of shoes and sandals available simply at a click, it can become quite overwhelming for many people. When it comes to comfort and ease, most people would prefer to wear sandals that provide them ease and are affordable, and Jesus’ sandals are all about that. The Jesus sandals are a classic design that will never go out of fashion and will always have their loyal cult following.

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