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Cleopatra Handmade Leather Women’s Sandals


The No. 15T pair of Camel Sandals, or a pair of Cleopatra Handmade Leather Women’s Sandals, is considered as one of the bestsellers. As a 5-star pair, it combines an “Old World Style” with modern design. This pair of sandals, whether black or brown in color, gives females an elegant look during casual times.


The No. 15T pair has a smooth and comfortable base secured by two leather straps on top, protecting the midfoot and the forefoot. Meanwhile, an attached black string surrounds and relaxes the ankle. The black string also creates an elegant impression.

The two primary materials of a pair of No. 15T sandals are 100% high-quality genuine camel leather and Polyurethane. The raw materials come from Italy and Germany. The leather is hypoallergenic, and the Polyurethane is soft and foot-friendly. Health and comfort make this pair of No. 15T sandals loved by women.

While technology plays a prominent role in shoe production, the makers of No. 15T Camel Sandals choose to produce this pair with bare hands. They only use a little assistance from modern machines. Because of this feature, clients can ask for customized designs, colors, and features of this pair. This product does not need to sacrifice its craftsmanship to maintain its quality.

Currently, the No. 15T pair of elegant Camel Sandals is locally and internationally available in stores of different countries such as the United States of America, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Japan. Since this product showcases a competitive edge, this product will also be available soon in other countries.


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