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Handmade Leather Women’s Straps with Beads


The 5-star No. 18 pair of Camel Sandals is also known as the Naomi Handmade Leather Women’s Sandals with Beads. The merged “Old World Style” and modern style makes this stylish pair suitable for casual and formal attires. This pair looks good on both black and brown leathers.


Intersecting beaded leather straps relax and secure the foot from sliding forward. This No. 18 pair of elegant Camel Sandals is formed with a smooth and comfortable base.  The attached beads also create an elegant impression.

This classic pair of No.18 Camel Sandals is health and foot friendly because of its primary materials: 100% high quality, genuine, and hypoallergenic camel leather and Polyurethane. The other raw materials are imported from Italy and Germany.

Polyurethane serves as the soft and comfortable cushion for the soles and ankles. For people with sensitive skin and foot problems, this pair is highly recommended.

The current shoe-making industry relies on technology, but the makers of the elegant pair of No. 18 Camel Sandals still produce this pair with bare hands and little assistance from modern machines.

Clients can also suggest customized features, designs, and colors of this pair. This pair still maintains its quality without sacrificing art, health, and comfort.

The demand for the No. 18 pair of elegant Camel Sandals is present in local and international stores of different countries, such as the United States of America, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Japan. The world class edge of this product will surely reach other countries.

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