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Palestinian Sandals Design of the Camel Sandals


A pair of Jerusalem Handmade Leather Sandals is the No. 61 type of Camel Sandals. It is one of the 5-star, bestseller sandals. It is a stylish combination of the old and new Palestinian design. Currently, this pair of sandals is made available in colors black and brown. Both males and females can use this pair of sandals on casual and formal occasions.


The No.61 pair offers a smooth base, which is supported by a leather strap. The leather strap secures the ankle and the forefoot. The leather strap also extends to the mid-foot and forms two X-patterns to safeguard the foot from different ground objects.

The No.61 pair of Camel Sandals is made of high-quality materials. Aside from the materials, No.61 is carefully handmade, with assistance from modern machinery. This pair is also dyed with the use of bare hands.

The No. 61 pair is made from 100% high-quality genuine camel leather and Polyurethane, which makes it health-friendly. The hypoallergenic leather used is imported from Italy and Germany, while the Polyurethane makes the ankles and soles feel comfortable. People with sensitive skin and foot problems can use this pair of sandals.

Some local and international stores in the United States of America, Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic), and Asia (Japan) sell the No.61 pair of Camel Sandals. The demand expands to more places in the international market since the pair of Palestinian Sandals comes from an international industry leader of camel sandal manufacturers.

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