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The Simplicity and Style of No. 53 Pair of Camel Sandals


The No. 53 type of Camel Sandals reveals a combination of the “Old World Style” and the modern style. This pair of sandals is made available in black and brown leathers. Additionally, this pair of sandals fit casual and formal occasions.


The No. 53 pair offers a comfortable and smooth base. Simplicity is shown as two pairs of parallel leather straps intersect at the top of the foot. The point of intersection secures the foot from sliding forward.

This pair of sandals is handmade. Its main materials are 100% high-quality, genuine, and hypoallergenic camel leather, and Polyurethane (soft cushion provider). Italy and Germany supply the other raw materials. Health and comfort are still prioritized, alongside a wide array of artistic designs to choose from.

The No. 53 pair of Camel Sandals is available in local and international stores of the United States of America, Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, and Japan. Sooner, the market will expand to more countries.

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