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Yonah Handmade Leather Sandals


A pair of Yonah Handmade Leather Sandals is the No. 5 type of Camel Sandals. It is one of the bestseller sandals. It showcases a combination of the “Old World Style” and the modern style. Currently, this pair of sandals is made available in colors black and brown. This pair of sandals can be used for both casual and formal attires.

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The No. 5 pair has a comfortable, smooth base supported by a leather strap design. The leather strap is located around the ankle up to the mid-foot point. The leather strap also extends to the upper part of the foot and forms three X-patterns to relax and secure the foot from sliding forward.

This pair is health-friendly because it is made from 100% high-quality genuine camel leather and Polyurethane. The hypoallergenic leather used is one of the finest materials from Italy and Germany. Polyurethane gives the soles and ankles a soft and comfortable cushion. This pair of sandals is recommended for people with sensitive skin and foot problems.

The No. 5 pair is high in terms of quality. Aside from high-quality materials, No. 5 is carefully handmade, with assistance from high-quality modern machinery. This pair is also dyed with the use of bare hands.

The No. 5 pair of Camel Sandals can be found in local and international stores in the United States of America, Europe (Italy, Germany, Poland, Czech Republic), and Asia (Japan). Since it comes from an international industry leader of camel sandal manufacturers, the popular demand expands to more places in the global market.

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